When You're A BWAG
(to the tune of "When You're a Jet" from West Side Story)
by Anne Watson

When you’re a BWAG, your pack is all set
From your lunch for the day to your hat or barrette.
When you’re a BWAG, you hike for the day
Whether rain, whether snow, we’ll go any old way.

       The BWAGs are here,
       Our dues are all collected.
       (Bum Bum)
       We’ve got all our gear,
       And everyone’s protected
       From storms expected.

We’ve got the gals who can hike 15 miles,
Without sweat, without pause and with plenty of smiles.
We’ve got the Alphas who lead us the way
Cause the Betas are learning on every Tuesday.

       We go for the top,
       Where views are most delightful
       (Bum Bum)
       We pull out our lunch,
       And have ourselves a bite full.
       And talk insightful.

When there’s a birthday, we’re always aware.
With a cake or a snack and burlap underwear.
This time’s for Margaret, she’s queen for the day.
She can pick out the hike and direct where we play.

       So that is our song,
       Come join us if you’d like to.
       (Bum Bum)
       We’ll bring you along.
       To trails you’ve never hiked to
       And maybe liked to!