BWAG quilters meet in the homes of members on Thursdays from 9:30-11:30. (Sessions frequently extend, unofficially, into the afternoon). Lessons are not given, but the quilters are quite experienced and welcome beginners and new members of all skill levels.

In recent years, the group size has varied from about 8 to as many as 22. Quilters work on their own projects, on the hostess' project, if she wishes, and share their projects and their stories.

Contact Mary Griffith (586-3528) for more information.

A recent gathering on a sunny spring day found the quilters
engaged in 6 different projects and at least 3 different conversations!

The following pictures were taken around the frame where five quilters are working.
The group originally started so that, if someone had a project ready for the frame,
there would be people to work together on it.

Mary S.'s basket quilt.

Mary G., Diane, Mary S., Joyce, and Dorothy.

Dorothy with the quilt she made for Janice.

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